Enemy Gold is a suspenseful action-adventure movie loaded with dames, danger, and dynamite!

International crime czar Carlos Santiago runs his operation under the cover of a splashy Dallas "Gentlemen's Club," where women with beautiful assets shake it up for pleasure and cash tips from their rich male clientele. Santiago's right-hand assassin is Jewel Panther, an exotic beauty who dances for a living and kills for a kick.

Armed with bullets, bombs, and brawn, federal agents Chris Cannon and Mark Austin are assigned to attack Santiago's operation. The mix heats up when Washington sends in Becky Midnite, a sexy blonde with a cool head and a deadly aim, to join forces with Chris and Mark.

The Dallas agency commander, Clinton, rewards a successful, but violent raid on Santiago's warehouse, not with a commendation, but with a temporary suspension of the three agents for use of excessive force.

Chris, Mark, and Becky use their time off to take a camping expedition deep into the bayous of Texas and stumble upon a treasure map leading to a cache of gold buried during the Civil War. Unknown to them, they are being hunted by Santiago and Panther.

Used as a pawn by double-crossing Clinton, Washington agency superior Ava Noble searches out her subordinates and arrives on the scene just in time to thwart their assassination.

The climactic struggle for survival in the wilderness is transformed into a symphony of explosions, excitment and excess. The good guys get the Enemy Gold and the bad guys get the shaft.

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