With a flourish, Salazar bestows upon the city of Paris a priceless artwork: the Picasso Trigger. Then he steps outside... and is wasted by a sniper's bullet. But wait; a more subtle art has just been unveiled, an insidious work in progress. Salazar is a master of deception. And the assassination is a ruse that sets in motion his masterpiece: a scheme to blast his enemies to kingdom come while he lies low.

Grab your sense of adventure, sense of humor and sense of anything goes for the third humdinger in filmmaker Andy Sidaris' action-adventure series that includes Hard Ticket to Hawaii and Malibu Express. General Hospital's Steve Bond stars as Travis Abilene, the superstud spy who can't shoot straight. Co-starring with Bond are seven beauties who (as any male with a discernible pulse will agree) are works of art in their own ways. Each is a former Playboy Playmate. You've seen them on the page. Now see them on the screen. Wow!

The story jet-hops from Paris to Texas to Hawaii to Las Vegas. The vistas are (almost) as stunning as the ladies. Espionage double-crosses (almost) outnumber all the globe-spanning crisscrosses. And everything from dive-bombing toy planes to exploding boomerangs to grenade-launching leg crutches reinforces one delirious moviemaking notion: if it moves, blow it to bits.

Picasso Trigger is like a splashy, easy-read comic book for grownups, only better! So sit back and enjoy. Hit the play button and you've got your finger on the trigger!

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